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Meditation Pyramid: This unique Meditation Pyramid was custom made to the same angle as the Great Pyramid of Giza '51.8 degrees'. Incorporating sacred geometry into meditation allows the meditator to create a sacred space in which to attune to the infinite and tap into Cosmic Consciousness.

Hand crafted and consecrated/activated by a member of the Theosophical Society and used by Adepts in the legendary esoteric 'Merkabah Ritual' this pyramid is ideal for metaphysical uses, whether you would like to Astral Project, enter the Akashic Hall of Records or tune into your Higher Self, this Pyramid can aid your mindset, afford you metaphysical protection, and facilitate transcendental meditation. Get it Today for ONLY! $199.

Meditation Pyramid Specs:

Condition: NEW!

Handcrafted from 100 percent high grade Stainless Steel, allows for both indoor and outdoor use.

Excellent for a Mediation Studio

Dimensions 1.5meter rods.

Apex Height: 1 meter & 5 centimetres

ONLY: $199

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